Toca Culture | The Expansion Workshop
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The Expansion Workshop

The Expansion Workshop

TOCA Culture offers a Body/Mind connection workshop incorporating four holistic approaches to wellness by four Master Teachers.

Created for those in underserved communities with little or no access to intensive workshops based on holistic practices, The Expansion Workshop is designed to empower and heal those in need of protocols that they can learn and apply.

The workshop invites participants to cultivate a deeper understanding of Self as they discover skills to create a constructive, healthy, and soulful approach to life through a combination of physical and spiritual healing protocols.

The Expansion Workshop consists of three classes per day, along with individual sessions.

  • Optional: uplifting evening dance gatherings for attendees to participate in, as well as performances by local groups.

Additional Information:

As a non-denominational program, The Expansion Workshop helps participants explore what can work for them within their preferred religious and spiritual practices.

Members of the city’s healing community such as body workers, social workers, and community center workers will be invited to take part in the workshop in order to provide ongoing resources and support once the Expansion Workshop has ended.

Each day food and beverages will be provided for all attendees by members of the community. A translator will be also available for all classes, as will childcare.

The Expansion Workshop is offered as a Three or Five Day event.